Racing Miku 2015 – Princess Knight

This is a special model since I haven’t done a Miku model since 2013. I do want to do more but I had a few other projects. Stay tuned for more miku’s to come!

Racing Miku 2015 is (c) GoodSmile Company / Crypton Future Media INC.
Costume design is (c) コヤマシゲト
MMD model is (c) Digitrevx

Features and Terms of use is in the ReadMe’s. Please read before use.
Special thank you to Trackdancer for helping me identify bugs tune and Miku’s appearance. Check his page out, he knows his stuff. ^^

Also if you like to add this to a group or comment I’m more then happy to respond if there are questions! Hearing from you guys is always welcome! :3