Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What software do you use?
A: Maya 2012 for modeling, Mudbox 2012, Photoshop CS4 and PaintTool SAI for texturing.

Q: What editor do you use and where can I get it?
A: pmx only but can export pmd files too. Here is my version, it is the Japanese version: www.mediafire.com/download/zjs…

Q: How long does a character take?
A: around 4-5 weeks, just above 200 hours of work.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: All company mascots are treated as special cases and most of the time can only be distributed at the company’s discretion. The cost to benefit of my time to do characters you created is not ideal unless commissioned/contracted.

Q: Do you plan to let us download a new model?
A: I make every effort to ensure I can make a model downloadable and free despite the cost of my time and guide lines I must follow for mascots. Company mascots, most of the time its up to the company when its released if ever. Any unanimous vote character will always be downloadable.

Q: How can you get a mmd model into Maya.
A: The method I’ve used is export from pmx editor as a pmd. I use a pmd plugin script for 3d max 2010 to import the mesh into max. I can then export the character out of 3d max as a .obj or .fbx format into Maya. This process will break the rigging so don’t expect it to be rigged still.

Q: I’m interested in a custom Model, how much does it cost?
A: 3d Custom work is expensive and takes weeks of work and skill. Please contact me through a note for a estimate. Prices vary upon difficulty.