Racing Miku 2013

She’s done, GO MIKU GO!! I think this one took 21 days in which I crunched out 230 work hours. She is modeled 100% from scratch using professional software. The ONLY thing she uses is the illustration on her umbrella provided by Saitom. (I should have used the mmd model on it haha) She comes with high def textures. 51 sliders including some expressions TDA doesn’t have. She is broken up into logical subsets if you want to add auto luminous (looks really cool in fact)

Matching 2013 Miku Stage found here…

Formats included in zip:
PMD, PMX 2.0, PMX 2.1
Note: Chrome is black using PMD version.

Umbrella is included in sliders as well.

As usual standard moral rules apply! Please don’t take credit for my work and please link downloads to this page if a emergency fix needs to be done otherwise have fun with her!

Download can be found on the right of this page in Blue text =>

Racing miku is copyright: Good Smile Company
Miku is copyright: Crypton Future Media, INC

Software used:
AutoDesk Maya 2012 (modeling)
UV Layout Pro (UV coordinates for texture mapping)
Mudbox 2012 (3d painting)
Adobe Photoshop (texture clean up)
AutoDesk 3dsMax 2010 (model translation to PMX)
PMX edditor (Rigging / face expressions)
Adoby Illustrator (good smile logos for textures and release picture)